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The Different Methods Used in Education

The Different Methods Used in Education

Education is a means of fostering personal development and the acquisition of beliefs, values, habits, and skills. Its main goals are to enable the individual to develop their personal qualities and gain knowledge and skills that will help them in their future lives. The different methods used in education include discussion, storytelling, and directed research. They can be categorized as formal, informal, or self-directed learning. This article will discuss the various methods used in education and how each one can best benefit the individual.
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Formal education is imparted by specially trained teachers with strict discipline. Moreover, it is associated with a chronological grading system and subject-oriented syllabus. The aim of formal education is to make students aware of facts, and knowledge. During this stage, a student should learn about a specific time period or a subject. In this way, he or she will grow into an informed, self-reflective, and moral person.
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In formal education, the goal is to form a person. The tool used in education is the subject matter itself. The goal is the mastery of one's own person. This is the most fundamental purpose of education. But most people confuse the end with the means. However, in education, ideas and knowledge are the means to develop the person. The go

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