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A Wife's Gift to her Husband

A Wife's Gift to her Husband

Bill walked into the lounge to find his wife. He was a little confused why she left him a note under the windshield wiper of the car to meet her here. This was the fanciest hotel and restaurant in town and they have never been there before.

Bill looks around trying to spot his wife. He is very nervous and becomes much stressed when he doesn’t see her. The poorly lit bar was very crowded with the after work happy hour in full swing. He decides to walk through the place to see if he could find her. Just then his cell phone rings.

“Hello”, he answers.

“Hey Honey, I am at the far end of the bar.” Brenda, his wife, says to him.

“OK, I will be right over.” He answers as he hangs up his phone.

He makes his way through the crowded room. There are many people standing around talking and having a good time. He is nervous wondering why he is meeting her here. As he passes a waitress with a tray of drinks, he almost knocks her over in his hurry to find his wife. He spots his wife standing at the end of the bar impatiently waiting for him.

Brenda is very nervous because of what she is doing. The idea came to her a few months ago after a huge fight with her husband. He accused her of not being spontaneous and that their relationship was in a rut. She has been planning this since then and this was her third attempted. The other two times she chickened out and right now she is thinking she should have never

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