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The Set Up_(1)

The Set Up_(1)

The message on Armondo's answering machine sounded urgent, but when he realized it was just from Velma Ford, he plopped down on the sofa and started going through his mail. The usual junk mingled in with a few bills, "Nothing interesting," he said to himself, as the phone started ringing. "Hello," he answered, "Armondo here!" "Oh, god, I'm so glad I finally got a hold of you, this is Velma, and I really need to see you right away!!!" "Velma, it's late and I'm very tired," he sighed, "can't this wait until another time!?!" "Oh, please," she moaned balefully, "I'll pay you extra if you can come over tonight, please, I really need to see you!!!" He thought about it for a moment or two and replied, "Just for an hour, and it will be five hundred, in cash!!!" "Oh, thank you," she gushed, "five hundred will be just fine, I'll be waiting!!!" Armondo slipped into the driver's seat of his new BMW and headed out on the Pacific Coast highway to Velma Ford's place. Normally he would have been excited at prospect of earning five big ones for and hours work, but in this case he actually dreaded it!!! In Armondo's line of work you always tried to keep your mind and body separate, but in reality that was usually impossible to do when you spent half of your day satisfying the sexual desires of a wide range of women, which wasn't easy to do in the first place, and with older out of shape people like Velma it was definitely a challenge!!! Before he could even ring the bell, the large heavy woode

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