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Shaved by Mom and Brother

Shaved by Mom and Brother

You now how it is, you see someting, someone, and your mind starts racing thinking of all the possabilities, but never realise that within a few days all those things will happen.

Thats what happened a few weeks ago. Let me explain, my name is Jake, I'm sixteen, 5'6" and fairly muscular due to the amount of sport I play. After a hard training session I got home to find no one in which was strange as my Mom never normally goes out so early in the evening. I thought no more about it and got a drink and something to eat, when I became aware of noises coming from upstairs, the kind of noises you know are made by people fucking each other!

Slowly I climbed the stairs, my cock growing harder and harder with each step I took pre cum jiuce oozing out and soaking my shorts. I'd seen plenty of porno movies and mags to know what happens, but this was going to be my first time seeing it for real.

When I reached the landing I realised the noises were coming from the bathroom. Gentle I eased the door slightly further apart to get a better look. By now my cock was so hard it almost hurt and my balls were starting to twitch. What I saw blow my mind and it nearly blew spunk from my cock!

There in front of me was Mom on her knees with her head impaled on my younger brothers cock sucking for all she was worth. My brother, Sam, was sat on the edge of t

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