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Judy and Her Master

Judy and Her Master

The Bernard’s weren’t an average couple. Don was dominant while Betty was submissive. The room they set up in the basement, known as the playroom, for their Dom/Sub activities was locked at all times to prevent their young daughter from asking questions.

They divorced when Don was forty-one, and Betty was thirty-nine. Their eighteen-year-old daughter, Judy, decided to stay with her father. She had no idea about her parents’ sexual proclivities, and they never spanked her as a child.

One night, she came home after her curfew. After unlocking it, she opened the front door and heard her father’s voice in the living room.

“Why are you late coming home?”

“Daddy, I just lost track of time,” Judy replies, expecting to be grounded.

“Judy, you know I have to punish you for this.”

“Yes Daddy, I understand,” she states while looking down at the carpet.

Don thinks, “She learned that position from her mother.” then directs, “Judy, come here and lay across my knees.”

Confused, she asks, “Why Daddy?”

“So I can do what I should have done a long time ago when you misbehaved, I’m going to spank you.”

“Bu...But Daddy, I’m not a child, I’m all grownup,” she stammers.

“So what? I punished your Mom the same way!” he exclaims.

“You spanked Mom?”

“Of course! Misbehavior must be corrected!” he confirmed, “Now, do as I told you!”

Judy s

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