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Revenge on Uncle

Revenge on Uncle

Hello. Today's story is a revenge story. Its about when i was just 16. I was a chubby guy with a big ass and smooth body. You could say it was alot of gay mens dreams to fuck my ass. One of those guys was my uncle, Joe. He was in his early 30s at that time. Tall and hunky man. He was really hairy and had a moustache. At the time he wasnt married and one the other hand i had not yet discovered porn since i didnt own a phone or laptop. Infact i didnt have much knowledge about sex generally.

One day I had to go help Joe set up in his new apartment. We worked till late night and barely finished unpacking half of his shit. He asked me to stay the night and i agreed. We were both laying down in the bed and it was getting hot. Joe said it would be better if we sleep in my undies. He wasnt wrong. He was the first to strip down to his undies and then i did. It was the first time Joe had seen me almost naked since i mostly wore baggy clothes. My tight undies wrapped around my huge ass did make him hard. He couldnt stop staring at me.

I fell asleep and i woke up before him. I turned and looked at him, he had his undies down and his huge 6.5 inch cock was standing upright. It was my first time watching another mans cock. I couldnt stop staring at him. Now i dont know why but i wanted to touch it and i actually touched his cock. I touched it and quickly ran to the

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