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How long can chicken stay in the Fridge for?

How long can chicken stay in the Fridge for?

Chicken is a staple food in many homes.

This nutritious, delicious source of protein can be affected by bacteria. Proper preparation, storage, and cooking of this protein is crucial.

Although it's nice to keep chicken in your fridge However, many people ask what the best time to store chicken.

This article will tell you how long chicken can stay in your refrigerator.

How long can chicken last in the fridge?

According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) the raw chicken can be stored in your refrigerator for about 2 to 3 days. The same applies to raw turkeys and other birds.

Chikem cooked in the oven will last in the fridge for approximately 3-4 days.

Storing chicken in a refrigerator can slow down the growth of bacteria. Bacteria slow down growth when temperatures are below 40 degrees Fahrenheit (4 degrees Celsius).

Also, store raw chicken in a tightly sealed container to prevent any liquids from leakage and contamination of other food items. Chicken that has been cooked should be stored in an airtight container.

If the chicken is to be stored for more than a few hours it is best to put it in your freezer.

Raw chicken pieces can be kept in the freezer for up to nine months. A whole chicken is able to be stored for as long as one year. For between 2-6 months, chicken tha

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