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file down site

file down site

When compared to following clouds, media playback in mobile environments is advantageous. Especially in the case of videos, the next cloud should be downloaded as a whole, while streaming. Merely to stream! I need to install another app again. Cloud alone isn't enough to stream.

Faster than the next cloud. About 20%.

When you open a document with a cloud viewer, it breaks less than another cloud (but breaking itself is already a problem).

Web app is supported. It's rudimentary, but it's possible to write. However, the problem is that the document format is really a bizarre format, such as .ndoc, which makes it extremely incompatible.

File sharing through the URL (but that is as far as another cloud is concerned).


It has a smaller capacity when compared to next cloud.

Compared to foreign cloud services, it boasts poor service quality.

Compared to the next cloud, it is extremely disadvantageous for music playback. 웹하드 순위 Continuous streaming can be done only for a few selected sound sources. Another cloud only must be in a folder.

You have to share a URL which means you can't share music files or videos.

According to the report, you will find a saying that N drive appears like a local drive when installed, but only it happens like a local drive, that is no not the same as the folder synchronization

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