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Massage Therapists - FAQs about Sports Massage

Massage Therapists - FAQs about Sports Massage

Thai massage is a traditional treatment combining acupuncture, Indian Ayurvedic techniques, and guided yoga postures. Thai massage also makes use of Shen lines, or energy-lines as the basis of its idea. In this type of massage, there aren't needle entry points or pressure points like in Swedish massage. Rather each stroke is an elongated motion on the skin, moving lymph fluid throughout the body. There are two kinds of this technique, which is dry and wet. While the dry massage will be more focused on the lymphatic drainage while the wet massage will concentrate more on stimulating specific points on the body.

Swedish massage is a different kind of massage. It involves circular movements, as well as slow, firm, upward movements. The aim is to ease stiffness and stimulate muscles. This massage will stretch the muscles, in contrast to Thai massages, which concentrate more on lymph flow. The Swedish technique is often called Thai Yoga Massage since it can be practiced in conjunction with yoga as well.

There are massage techniques that combine both yoga and stretching. The therapist who massages your feet will use a long gentle stroke to stretch the feet. The intention is to increase circulation of blood by creating more room for the blood cells to travel to and from the heart. This will help prevent atherosclerosis. is an underlying condition that causes

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