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The history of the Fan Tan

The history of the Fan Tan

Fan Tan is an ancient game of cards where players attempt to be the first one to collect all the cards played. The 4 7s are the only cards that are playable at the beginning. After the 7 in every suit is used, the 6 and 8 cards can be played. Following that, the A (highest) and K (low). This is considered the earliest variant of the game. The first time it was translated into English by Sir Richard Williams in 1815. The "Lord", John Murray Smith was the first to popularize the song in England.

The objective is to maintain the top players in the "high sevens" and the losers in the "low sevens,"" also known as "blooms", at the beginning. Once the two players have reached an impasse, they is able to replace a card in the hand with a card from the new deck. Repeat this process until all cards are used up. Fan tan, the oldest version of the game we know, is what we currently have.

Fan Tan is normally played in pairs or groups of two. In a group one player is considered the highest card, while another player is the low card. They then alternated between them. Splitting the pairs into single cards is a standard practice for larger groups of more than four. Each player will play two pairs at a time. The standard is to set the pairings and play Fan Tan in the same manner as with pairs.

Sevens are played in exactly the same way in many fan-tan variations. However, there is an alternative to fan-tan where the sevens are alternated in the middle of the

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