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Picking Crushings Chambers For Cone Crusher And  Telsmith Cone Crusher Parts

Picking Crushings Chambers For Cone Crusher And Telsmith Cone Crusher Parts

There was a wide variety of things to take into account when selecting a cone crusher chamber account to best fit your requirements. An inadequate liner profile may result in greater downtime during excess liner use, low efficacy as well as in some instances, even mechanical damage into the crusher.

Selecting crushings chambers for cone crusher and cone crusher wear parts

To be sure the suitability of this liner profile for its own application, it is important that there is data which to base your conclusions. Here we undergo five things that should be clarified and . Get optimum capacity and highest wear life of don parts by thinking about those points out of the view of your circuit and production. None of these points in its should be the reason for choosing the liner. Homepage to find out more about sandvik cone crusher parts right now.

Hold grading

Grant should be well rated without the gaps in the size supply, which broadly speaking means a much supply of different-sized feed stuff up into the specified maximum dimensions. Fines (for example, 0--4 mm) should be screened out before that the material is fed directly into the crusher whilst the fines may bring about packing: this is a force over-load and can be seen as adjustment ring motion.

As a guideline:

Over-size feed material decreases ability and will induce abnormal wear of the liners.

Too compact feed dimension to the cavity increases the usage of their underside part of their liners and may cause poor use of these usage parts.

Crusher adjustment (CSS)

The shut side environment (CSS) defines the reduction ratio in cone crushers and has got a noticeable impact on solution gradation, ability, and energy attraction. The closed side environment is quantified from the bottom of the ring to the bottom of the bowl liner at their nearest point during the gyrating cycle.

Feed type

Feed material characteristics such as gradation, mass density, moistureand clay material, and crushability have a important influence on crusher ability.

As an instance, when feed materials crushability varies from 40% to 20%, secondary and tertiary crushing lots grow. Harder content turns crusher merchandise invisibly, which increases force of their closed circuits. Also, KW/ton product rises on account of this material becoming harder. This type of instance is an illustration of the need for lining substances. Various types of manganese metals have been created for various varieties of feed materials.

Byproduct merchandise grading

This really goes together with the CSS (Crushing adjustment). You set your crushing alterations such as CSS so to acquire the most desirable product grading. By way of instance, the Metso MX Multi-Action cone crusher has lots of different parameters to fine tune your grading. This is taken under consideration along with other aspects whenever deciding on the crusher at the first location, however, it is likewise an essential situation to contemplate in the event that you wish to maximize your plantlife. It

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