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Ferry From Zante

Ferry From Zante

Ryanair has the most cost effective flights from Athens to Santorini on its 737s. If you don’t have any interest in staying in Athens there are direct flights to Santorini from London, Paris, Rome, Frankfurt, Dublin, Amsterdam, and many different European cities.
There can be a ferry to Kefalonia, particularly to the port of Sami, from Patras. In summer time, there may be additionally a ferry to Kefalonia from Italy. Get informed about ferry schedules to Kefalonia and guide on-line your Greek ferries to Kefalonia.
Aircraft kind seating on board the Blue Star ferry from Athens to Santorini. Economy seats on board Blue Star ferry from Athens to Santorini. Passengers from cruise ships don't arrive on the ferry port however are tendered ashore to the old ferry port under Fira. The boarding space of the Blue Star ferry to Santorini.
EasyJet and Ryan Air have the most cost effective flights from western Europe to Santorini. Before making any ferry tickets reservation to Kefalonia, read first our phrases and conditions.

Mykonos, Greece

Aircraft type seating on board Blue Star ferry from Athens to Santorini. For €four you can improve to reservable airplane-style seats. Both Aegean Airlines and Olympic Air have flights from Athens to Santorini. Pre-booking for the Blue Star is normally not necessary however when you when you select to, is one of the best and simplest way to do so.