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Hurghada, Egypt

Hurghada, Egypt

frogman diving hurghada

It is a large ship in good situation and attracts large congregations of education fish. It is one deep and attention-grabbing exploration and definitely well worth the trouble to divers with a way of adventure. When you are done with wreck exploration, just be a part of up with the reef slope and drift with the current to the south. The reef is kind of beautiful with its densely packed coral fields and neat layers of Acropora table corals to the south east.

Dive Logs In “Hurghada”

Therefore to dive all 4 of the wrecks together will be a whole and totally rewarding scuba experience. With its days as a backwater village long since gone, the town is now a thriving Red Sea seashore holiday vacation spot.

Yellowtail goatfish and bluelined snappers type big colleges right here. This reef system in northern Hurghada has four shipwrecks that are suitable for diving. Each of the wrecks has its own individual character and presents something unique.
The Rosalie Moller is another Red Sea legacy of World War II. This 110m coal ship was bombed in 1940 by German plane and sank into 50m of water, just off Gubal Island in the northern Hurghada area. It is a wonderful deep dive and requires advanced certification since you may descend down the buoy line onto the companionway and the primary deck at 32m. For this reason,

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