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We still have passed a really Cartesian quarter of an hour

We still have passed a really Cartesian quarter of an hour

Returning, then, to my concept, their initiating theme …
Get it on faith. That is typically said, with extra or much less comic inflection, when hope at quite a few dubious impasse is just what jooxie is least likely to own. If that doesn't exactly correspond to the existential condition from which the theater of the Ridiculous appeared, it does reflect about typically the absurd condition connected with American state policies that directed, through holding chads around Florida plus a Great Courtroom decision with no legal element at all, into the faith-based initiative of our born-again president, who recently put some sort of definitive quietus to the residue of the freezing struggle by looking into the eyes regarding the Russian counterpart and even, indeed, seeing into his or her heart and soul. That any skepticism at the gaze was allayed by a former agent in the KGB is pretty much too outrageous some sort of conceit, its fulsome puzzle regarding the global exageración owed more, perhaps, into a James Bond film than to the movie theater of the Absurd. Nonetheless here the idea would seem we have virtually no choice: we either have the idea on faith or perhaps laugh out loud, fun redoubling at the thought that it might always be either/or, whereas in typically the faith-based project of the absurdist theater you possibly can, at minimum, have it equally ways. I say from minimum because, in the drama connected with Ionesco specially, you can throughout a good plenitude

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