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Anything in his life can be a forgery, including his family tree

Anything in his life can be a forgery, including his family tree

If there will be a fatality in the fact that, another highlight is the disposition associated with symbolist dilemma to uncover some greatest secret. Desire is impelled by the promise of a idea to the mystery, the particular expected revelation behind typically the door using the hole. But the nothing that may be certainly not there suggests the particular nothing that is, and the fact that the reply is somewhere else, not-seen, otherworldly—unless the idea become, as in typically the hermeneutics of Freud, of which wheresoever the images lead many people disappear at some estancamiento in to the dream's navel, and even thence through the mycelium (the phrase is Freud's, but there are mushroom clumps in Strindberg) with its filamenting nerve stops regarding thought. Which is what precisely makes interpretation, deferred and impelled by multiplicity, as wealthy, perhaps, as the soul-complex. Ahead of door is eventually opened, the Officer wishes a good locksmith, but alternatively it is the Glazier who converts up, for any system with its symbols will be in addition scopophilic: what is needed is not a main but a good seer, often the irony being that eyesight is consummated—as in the reconditioned mystery of Artaud's alchemical theater—in and by it has the sonorous substance, often the naked streaming realization. What exactly we notice and precisely how we see it, together with seeing collapsing upon itself, as in a residence of mirrors, is actually the compound of that other

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