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Vietnam Tours, Trips & Escorted Tours To Cambodia & Vietnam

Vietnam Tours, Trips & Escorted Tours To Cambodia & Vietnam

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Collectively, the landscapes are simply as dramatic as the historical past. The fast-paced cities of Hanoi and Saigon are excessive-octane whirls of local life whereas the sleepy wonder of Hoi An is Vietnam at its most traditional and atmospheric.
Hanoi and Halong Bay can occasionally endure typhoons in the course of the summer season, whereas the wet climate makes trekking round Sapa tricky. Meanwhile, intrepid adventurers can get their fix in the mist-shrouded tribal valleys of Sapa.
For any current travel health advice, you must search guidance out of your GP no less than four to 6 weeks previous to journey. It gets even colder in mountainous Sapa in the far north, the place you will get frost through the coldest months between December and February. It’s summer time within the north between May and October, where it’s scorching, humid and wet throughout the whole north and the later in the season you go, the wetter it will get.
It’s one of the best place to savour an genuine style of this noodle soup dish. Each region in Vietnam has its own distinct specialities and signature dishes, with many eating places and avenue vendors serving up fresh and regionally sourced cuisine. Visit the old quarter, ancient business streets, the temples and pagodas.