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Everything you need to know about magnet fishing

Everything you need to know about magnet fishing

As the name suggests, magnetic fishing involves fishing with a line that is equipped with very strong magnets instead of a conventional fishing line and hook. Self-explanatory, these have a high adhesive force. The magnets are also known as search, neodymium, mountain or search magnets.

Compared to probe users, who also need a metal detector, magnetic fishermen can obtain suitable equipment relatively cheaply.

Magnetic fishing, of course, is not about fishing fish. Magnetic anglers are also not based on live fish, but on metallic objects that were lost on the seabed. You can fish for valuable treasures ranging from military items to coins to other valuable collectors' items.

magnet fishing

However, the chance of a magnetic angler fishing a treasure chest filled up to the top is very low. In addition, the probability or the multitude of loot pieces of mountain magnets is very high. These can be, for example, old bicycles, rusted fasteners but also historical objects from one of the world wars. Objects from World War II can be badges. It also happens that magnetic fishermen find safes. However, these are rarely filled.

What is needed for magnetic fishing?
It is not much needed for magnetic fishing. These are the necessary equipment:
Of course, a magnet, preferab

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