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DC Universe - The Black Knight Recaps

DC Universe - The Black Knight Recaps

The Joker Seven is a literary character that uses fear and confusion via his eccentric smile and wild disjointed manner of speaking. He had been deliberately designed as a loony clown-faced villain and his real identity and origins remain a puzzle to this day. But we all know that he was once a wealthy industrialist whose criminal record and mischievous ways caused him to be tagged as'the clown who murdered Batman.' The character's name was taken from the Joker's first appearance in the traditional detective stories printed in the late nineteenth century.

The Joker's head was supposed as a indication of his disinterest in just about any form of organized crime; however, his mask was disinterested in the opinion of his victims. His hair was messy, spiky and hung in disarray out of his head, while his gaunt, sunken cheeks were marked with a row of scarlet scars running down the side of his mouth. His claws were clawlike and so were quite malnourished and light. His clothing was a throw back into the Wild West - sheriff's office robe, worn slung over his waist, and boots that abandoned his feet bare. His hair was cluttered and streaked with dark hairhis teeth were ragged, his lips had been jagged and constantly pained, and his eyes were sunken sockets.

He had no feeling of right or wrong and did actually exist simply to cause as much destruction and mayhem as possible. To confuse and amaze his victims, he also even held their bloodied bodies as trophies.

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