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vectrol paste composition 8

vectrol paste composition 8

Ssd Resolution

Each package comes with following merchandise; SSD Solution, Activation powder, Mercury powder and Vectrol paste plus a person handbook. The chemicals are all utilized in conjunction for the cleansing process. The chemical is used with heteregenous solution combination of hydrophile that merely remove the des or any sort of stains from anti breeze financial institution notes and black cash. The Automatic SSD solution chemical does not require any sort of activation powder as a catalyst to hurry up its chemical response process. SSD is security chemical that's used for cleansing coated notes for the aim of security.

I took the one hundred twenty five grams package deal and it works very good for me. Fake banknotes are coating with iodine and vaseline whereas, actual black banknotes are coated with special polymer metal coating. Really, it want chemical for cleaning them but sadly all people who knows this process doesn't wish to inform actual issues so African scammers proceed to promote their fake vectrol paste formula chemical at the very expensive price. When it comes to discoloring a huge amount of notes, this paste is the primary product that one ought to go for as a result of it really works amazingly on the notes. With the help of a handbook, you can easily run the method. The high quality of notes stays respectable, and all of the stains get eliminated.

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