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Bio-Info - John Wheeler, founder of the American Satsang Association

Bio-Info - John Wheeler, founder of the American Satsang Association

Aquatic bodywork is really a kind of therapeutic massage made exclusively for the only purpose toning, strengthening, detoxification, and burning off the overall body's excess weightreduction. It had been practiced like a normal type of medical remedy in China and Japan for several centuries. The very first Western enthusiasts in aqua therapy came about because of the curious episode of rheumatoid arthritis symptoms. Rheumatoid arthritis manifests itself because a inflammation of the joints and surrounding places. This illness frequently leaves the victim using joints that are jagged.

Much to the delight of aqua-therapists, various studies have proven that this condition is helped by the soothing and relaxing massage that is supplied to your human anatomy during the therapy session. The very first type of therapy used in this type of healing massage is popularly known as"canuck". The period canuck stems in two Japanese words: pure and uker. The canuck techniques were made by Dr. Usui Tomiki, who learned at Paris, specializing in Asian medicine and conventional Japanese healers. A great numbers of his college students were students of Ryoan shiny, a renowned Japanese figure that based the Kumeikan School of Aquatic Bodywork. Dr. Tomiki introduced the entire planet to yuri ogasawara, a sort of therapeutic massage which combines the physical and spiritual elements o

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