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IN THE Companys News Release

IN THE Companys News Release

Most investors read a company's news releases, but don't read between your lines to understand where direction the company is heading. Too often, an organization tries to say everything in the headline and the initial paragraph. Why? Since they know, as we do, that a lot of investors scan the headline, several sentences as well as perhaps look at some drill intercepts or key technical data (which few really understand). Then, festival about how the share price reacts to the news, rejoicing or complaining on a stock chat board. Often, search phrases or sentences are buried inside the release, sometimes close to the bottom. These can provide you a clue in regards to what is really happening with the business.

We pulled up some recent news releases of several uranium companies we have been following to help investors read between your lines. Only a keen, ruthless appraisal of every news release, or a group of their news releases, could give you an accurate interpretation of how well the business does. Hopefully, the guidance which follows may help you better understand what is really choosing a company's plans.

Northwestern Mineral Ventures (TSX-V: NWT; OTCBB: NWTMF) announced on Thursday the completion of its airborne survey. It also announced multiple potential uranium targets in the united kingdom of Niger (Africa). Reading an earlier interview we conducted with Dr

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