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What Will Be the Key Differences Between Swedish Massage and French Massage?

What Will Be the Key Differences Between Swedish Massage and French Massage?

Swedish massage has become one of the world's most commonly offered curative massage methods. It's sometimes described as a true traditional massage. The procedure aims to ease relaxation by removing muscle tension through the use of massage strokes.

Swedish massage uses smooth, long strokes (longer than those used during deep massages) and short, rapid movements (much shorter than those utilized throughout a heavy massage). Long strokes are utilized to release muscular tension in the trunk. By employing long, smooth motions to the trunk, it is thought that long strokes additionally help release muscle spasms. Swedish massage also uses kneading movements to help relieve stiffness and stretch muscles. Long, smooth movements and kneading also help relieve pain and reduce the recovery time from injury.

Unlike most massages, the period of time a man is about a Swedish massage desk does not exceed one hour. The massage strokes are usually performed in three segments: lower spine, the neck and shoulders, and the face and ears. The duration of time taken to carry out each section is dependent upon the intensity of the patient's condition along with the therapist's ability to execute them. It is essential that the therapist be gentle with patients during each of those 3 sections, because if too much stress is applied, tension may be placed on nerves which coul

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